Crane Laptop Orchestra

Monday, October 4th, 2021. 8:00 pm. Snell Music Theater.

“The purpose of this piece is to exercise with flexible control of the tempo and note duration in electronic instruments. By subtly changing the rate of repetition (i.e. frequency) the ensemble can phase in and out of a perceivable rhythmic pattern. This piece is also an opportunity for the students to read and interpret a graphical score as well as thinking musical ideas in numbers.”

“inside my head there are three shelves may be performed by any number of players, in any capacity, using anything which may produce sound.
the score should be a fundamental basis for interpretation; there is no specific or correct way to perform this work. duration may or may not be determined prior to performance.”

The piece is comprised of four types of musical materials or languages –

  1. crinkling, crunching
  2. loud rhythmic interjections
  3. soft sustaining high pitches
  4. a crowd of human voices (stochastic voices) – (consider quotation as a possible response)

To realize a performance of Child’s Play, choose sounds on your instrument (or a selection of instruments) that allow for the following responses to each section of the work. Responses should be based on the language types listed above –

I. Imitate with approximate exactness
II. Create a counterpoint; do the opposite
III. Do nothing; do everything

Seek Whence: Nein Six D for laptop ensemble is an homage to step sequencers that is nominally in A minor. It is comprised of nine sections, each of which can be 30, 45, or 60 seconds long at the discretion of the group’s leader. These durations would result in a piece that is 4:30, 6:45, and 9:00 respectively. The parts consist of two different types of materials, drones and sequences, each of which are monophonic. Examples of each are included in each part, but performers are encouraged to composer their own material (fitting the instructions of course).”

  • Crane Laptop Orchestra “Tuning Improvisation”

An improvisation starting on the pitch A 440 Hz(-ish) and ending somewhere else…