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Untitled organ work for Michelle Martin-Atwood (in progress)

Untitled percussion duo for Mike Truesdell and Keith Aleo (in progress)

Potsdam Mix (indeterminate) audio installation

Dharma in Excelsis (7′) for electronics


Heartbeat Sutra (4’) for two instruments, electronics, heart rate monitors, and videoA

A Curtain of Stars (6’) for Eb clarinet, vibraphone, crotales, and heart rate monitors


Into the Silent Practice (7’) for tenor saxophone and electronics

Crystalline (3’) for electronics

A Wondrous Number (6’) for electronics

Script Calendar (year long) for RTcmix



Samsara (5’) for vibraphone and interactive electronics

Seed/Bloom (25’) for fixed media

Soft Gamma Repeater (1′) for electronics


Clickshape (indeterminate) for damaged CDs, laptop, and interactive video

white shapes on black canvas (1′) for video and electronics

kernel_panic (9′) for electronics


Linear (6′) for video and electronics

Tandem (indeterminate) for audio software improvisation

kangaroos (1′) for clarinet, piano, violin, cello, and double bass


Capturing the Ballet of Still Lights (8′) for video and electronics

Automatos (10′) for electronics

syntambient (indeterminate) for audio software improvisation


The Seven Paths of Awakening (15′) for piano and electronics

Variable Percolation (3′) for electronics

in search of Derleth (30’) for violin, cello, piano, electronic glass harmonica, electronics, and film

walking away from Schueler (12’) for clarinet, piano, and singing bowl


Last Link, or, Green, Red, Blue (12’) for brass trio, percussion, celesta, and piano

Blast Off! (5’) for electronics

Meditation in the Apeiron (10’) for flute, clarinet, violin, cello, and piano


Stride (5’) for flute, percussion, and piano

Serenade LGF7200 (5’) for 8-channel electronics

Sonata for Trumpet and Piano (20’)


A Study in Mono (3’) for unaccompanied trumpet

A Commencement Fanfare (30”) for brass ensemble and percussion