| Diving Bell |

jerod1Diving Bell is the trio project of David McDonnell (saxophones, computer, electronics), Jerod Sommerfeldt (computer), and Zach Larabee (percussion). Their collaborations focus on spontaneous compositions that highlight evolving dialogues between electronically manipulated saxophone, a diverse array of percussion instruments, and modular computer programs. This fusing of analog and digital technology creates dense sonic landscapes, which they bring to the studio, refining and editing those improvisations into succinct narrative structures.

Diving Bell’s eponymous first album was released on the Belarus HAZE label.  Listen here: http://h-a-z-e.org/archives/882dave

“…an excellent album of improvisations of saxophone and laptop that uses their inherent
dichotomy to work together rather than display their opposition…We can only hope that more avant-garde musicians from conservatories will use Creative Commons netlabels to release their music.”
Acts of Silence.com

zachdrums“I have complete respect for this project and their willingness not to pamper to the limits and expectations that cocoon much of today’s music. An entire universe away from the mainstay of non-thinking background pop…”    Igloo Magazine

“We have a chance to seize its technological originality, the more we can take the versatility of artistic communication [of a] spontaneous saxophone player with a colleague who knows how to wait for just the right moment to make the received signal create peculiar electronic structures.”  His Voice