Script Calendar

The idea for Script Calendar stated out innocently enough: I would compose a new RTcmix etude for each day in 2013. I didn’t anticipate the project becoming an incredible learning experience for me in terms of my own compositional process, aesthetic understanding, and programming knowledge and ability.

From the 365 .sco files that I was able to gather are a variety of approaches to using RTcmix. Some focus solely on mathematical procedures. Others are revisions and new approaches to previous files in the series. Python becomes a focus of the set as I revisited earlier MINC scores and rewrote them in the new language. Some scripts became full pieces. Many of the sounds generated found their way into my music in some way or another. In short, the entirety of the project is a glimpse into my mind as I set out to search and creatively utilize RTcmix in its entirety.

  • link to scorefiles- (click here)
  • link to download – (click here)