They Weep Here

As a new father of a young son, the tragic stories of the children caught in the midst of the fighting in Aleppo haunt me. There truly is unimaginable suffering in this world.

Read by Francesca Hilditch, this piece utilizes texts from Virgil’s Aeneid, found within and around Book I near line 462. The various translations used for this piece are as follows:

“What land is left, what tract on earth that is not full of our agony? Here mortal estate touches the soul to tears.”

“There are tears to flow and human hearts to feel for human woe.”

“The world is a world of tears and the burdens of mortality touch the heart.

“What spot on earth, what region of the earth is not full of the story of our sorrow? They weep here for how the world goes and our life that passes touches their hearts.”

Composed using REAPER, RTcmix, and various Make Noise eurorack modules